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Machine Vision Lenses

Selected precision components for Machine Vision and Laser applications. […]

Microscopes & Accessories

Our range of stand solutions and microscope accesories for precision inspection and quality control. […]

Image Analysis Systems

Our unique Image Analysis Systems for niche inspection applications. […]


Plug and Play Imaging Modules for Machine Builders, OEM’s and System Integrators consisting of optics, mechanics, illumination and sensors. […]

Product Highlights

  • Bi-Telecentric objectives

    telecentric, C-mount connection, for special applications... more...
  • Bi-telecentric QuadraMount Objective

    Our new QuadraMount objectives are standard equipped with a 4-sided profile... more...
  • Compact telecentric objectives

    With their compact size, these lenses are the ideal choice for a wide variety of measurement applications... more...
  • Mobile Floor Stand

    Our Mobile Floor Stand perfectly combines mobility and stability even at high magnifications and long working distances... more...

  • Portable Microscope

    This portable microscope with its ergonomic carrying handle can be used for a wide range of field inspections anywhere... more...
  • Oblique Viewing Module

    360° viewing – this module fits to all major stereo microscopes and enables normal and oblique inspection with the push of a lever... more...
  • CylinderInspector

    CylinderInspector is an all-optical, non-contact inspection and measurement tool to inspect cylinder walls. more...